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Opening the Blood Brain Barrier
Non-invasive opening of the blood brain barrier (BBB) is a powerful method for targeted drug delivery into the brain. The RK-line of products are the only focused ultrasound systems available for preclinical BBB opening.
Focused ultrasound enables rapid non-invasive ablation of tissue structures. The RK-100 is powerful enough to generate tissue ablation in both small and large animals.
Mild heating has been known for decades to sensitize tumors to radiation and chemotherapy, and further offers opportunities for interaction with heat activated liposomes and molecules. The MR compatible RK products enable controlled heating under MR temperature feedback control.
Gene Therapy and Sonoporation
Focused ultrasound energy can transiently increase the permeability of vessels and cells to molecular agents. The RK line of products can deliver the exposure necessary to achieve these bio-effects.
The RK-100 can produce sufficient pressures to generate cavitation in-vivo in order to cause tissue lyses and dissolution.