Applications » Blood Brain Barrier Opening

Traditional intracranial stereotactic injections are invasive. Focused ultrasound opens the blood-brain barrier non-invasively and doesn’t damage intervening tissue. 


Non-invasive opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a powerful method for targeted delivery of drugs, genes, and cells into the brain.  The RK-line of products are the only focused ultrasound systems available for preclinical BBB opening.


Precise targeting and focus allow delivery to specific targets in the brain, such as the hippocampus or striatum, or opening of an entire hemisphere.  The size of the opening can be tailored to allow small elements such as viruses, or large elements such as stem cells to pass through the BBB.


Once the BBB is open, drugs, genes, or cells injected systemically can be targeted to a specific area. 


The use of FUS for targeted gene delivery across the BBB has proven to be very effective. The image below shows the remarkable results of a study by Thèvenot et al. (2012) where scAAV9 was injected intravenously at different doses and MRIgFUS was targeted to a full hemisphere or limited to the striatum or hippocampus. Please review the publications that have been created using focused ultrasound.