Products » RK-50
The focused ultrasound system that enables targeted brain exposures without the need for concurrent imaging.
The RK-50 is a stand-alone, versatile, preclinical system designed to take advantage of the various applications of focused ultrasound. Through the use of traditional stereotaxic targeting methods, the RK-50 can deliver precise doses of FUS through an intact skull to small structures in the rodent brain. The system can also be used to automatically raster a series of FUS exposures to cover an arbitrary volume. Applications include ablation, blood-brain barrier disruption, and neuromodulation.
  • Precise, fast targeting with 3-axis positioning system
  • Treatment planning software facilitates stereotaxic-guided target selection and exposure control (runs on included PC)
  • Multi-point targeting is achievable in line, raster, and circular exposures
  • Focused ultrasound dose settings can be easily controlled for any application
  • Utilizes calibrated focused ultrasound transducers, available in a range of frequencies