Portable Water Degassing System
The LP-100 Focused Ultrasound System requires the use of degassed and deionized water. The FUS-DS-50 Water Degassing System is a portable unit that can quickly produce degassed water on demand. The device can be easily stored away and comes with all the required tubing and accessories to facilitate focused ultrasound research.
Precisely Calibrated Focused Ultrasound Transducers
These precise, spherically focused ultrasound transducers are highest quality available. They are fully customizable and come in a wide rage of frequencies (250KHz to 3MHz) for your specific application. Please contact us with your specific needs and we would be happy to develop a transducer that is right for you.
MRI RF Imaging Coils
These waterproof coils are designed to fit within the LP100 and RK300 systems and they have a built-in acoustic window. For the LP100, rodent and large animal sizes are available.
Image Guided Targeting Software
The image guidance software enables simple point-and-click targeting for sonications. Targets can be prescribed as single points or as line, raster, or circular patterns. 
Animal Restraint and Anesthesia Hookup
This MR-compatible holder is a robust device for repeatably and reliably holding small animals for experiments. The holder also contains a heating pad, allowing scientists to maintain an animal’s temperature during experiments.