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Stereotactic-guided Focused Ultrasound


The RK-50 is a stand alone, versatile, preclinical system that uses stereotactic targeting to deliver precise FUS exposures in the rodent brain.

Standard Features:

  • 3-axis positioning system for fast and precise multi-point targeting

  • PC with custom software for treatment planning and monitoring based on rodent brain atlases

  • Customizable focused ultrasound dose settings including continuous and pulsed exposures

  • Incorporates real-time acoustic feedback to control exposures based on stimulated acoustic emissions from circulating microbubbles 

  • Can be installed in any standard laboratory environment

RK-50 Features


Calibrated transducers

Custom-built & calibrated ultrasound transducers include integrated cavitation detectors for real-time feedback control of acoustic exposures.

Stereotactic Targeting.png

Stereotactic targeting

Custom treatment planning software allows for precise target selection based on the rodent brain atlas.


Custom RF electronics

Built specifically for FUS applications, each system comes with calibrated RF electronics comprised of function generators, amplifiers and directional power meters.

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