MRI-guided FUS (Small bore systems) 


The RK-300 is capable of performing non-invasive hyperthermia, ablation and blood-brain barrier opening within a small bore preclinical imaging system. Compatible with the full line of Bruker Biospec horizontal bore MRI systems.

Standard Features

  • 2-axis spatial positioning (20mm travel, 0.25 mm precision)

  • Calibrated focused ultrasound transducer available in a range of frequencies 

  • Capable of pulsed and continuous ultrasound exposures

  • Image-based treatment planning software

  • Integrated RF surface coil

  • Compatible with bore sizes down to 72mm

  • Real-time connection with Bruker scanners enables dynamic imaging and control of FUS exposures


Ultrasound Transducers 

Precisely calibrated focused ultrasound transducers are at the heart of each system

Non-magnetic motors

Non-magnetic piezoceramic motors and optical encoders enable precise motion within the bore with high spatial fidelity

Integrated anesthesia

Integrated nose cone and warming bed enables stable animal studies over extended FUS studies.

Bruker Compatibility

Specifically designed for high-field Bruker magnets ranging from 3T up to 9.4T. Installed on Biospec systems around the globe.


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