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Portable Water Degasser (DS-50)

Water Degassing System

FUS Instruments produces a compact water degassing system capable of rapid dissolved oxygen extraction from water. The compact size of the unit makes it ideal for use in a laboratory environment. Multiple safety features are integrated into the degasser to avoid damage, and to ensure long-lasting performance.


System Features:

  • Compact size makes it convenient for laboratory use and to transport to and from remote experiments

  • Contains high quality components for efficient gas removal from water

  • Degassed water available instantaneously at output for fast experimental setup

  • Can also be set up to recirculate water in a container to degas a reservoir

  • Integrated solenoid valve ensures vacuum release upon completion 

  • Panel mounted vacuum gauge provides continuous monitoring

  • Integrated pressure valve shunts water to a drain port in event of incorrect tube connection or blockage


  • Flow rate: 0.4 L/minute

  • Dissolved oxygen levels at output: < 2 ppm

  • Recirculating mode: < 2 ppm in 5 minutes for a 1 L container

  • Physical Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 x 15 inches

  • Weight: 5 kg

  • Power Supply: 24V,  2.7A  (120-240 VAC transformer supplied)

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