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Ultrasound Nanobubbles (NB-20)

Ultrasound contrast agent nanobubbles

FUS Instruments provides acoustic contrast agent nanobubbles to facilitate drug delivery and increased blood-brain barrier permeability experiments using focused ultrasound at a reduced cost compared to clinical microbubble formulations. In collaboration with Agata Exner, Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University, nanobubbles can be ordered to sustain large volumes of focused ultrasound experiments.


Key Features:

  • Nanobubble outer diameter remains below 1 micron and will scatter ultrasound energy in a non-linear fashion

  • Nanobubbles must be stored at 4°C in a lab refrigerator for stability

  • A standard operating procedure (SOP) document is provided to new customers for instructions on nanobubble handling and preparation


  • Nanobubble mean diameter is 150-200nm

  • Vials contain 1-1.5 mL of nanobubble solution

Nanobubble size distribution measurement

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