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About FUS Instruments

FUS Instruments was founded in 2009 by Rajiv Chopra and Kullervo Hynynen, academic scientists within the field of therapeutic ultrasound. Since that time the company has provided research ultrasound platforms for scientists, clinicians, and companies across the globe.

The company mission is to accelerate development in the field of therapeutic ultrasound by eliminating the technology hurdle for researchers. The company is solely focused on preclinical research platforms at this time.


Vice President, Research & Innovation
Sunnybrook Research Institute


Co-founder, Profound Medical Inc.
Chief Technology Officer, Solenic Medical Inc.

Research Partners

Strong research partnerships are central to the ongoing success of FUS Instruments. Testing and development of the focused ultrasound platforms produced by the company occurs at key locations around the globe, in partnership with local, state, and federal governments. The company is always interested in new partnerships with research sites.


Sunnybrook Research Institute

Key research and novel focused ultrasound platforms have been developed through sponsored research agreements with Sunnybrook Research Institute over the past decade.

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