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The MRI-compatible image-guided focused ultrasound system consists of a computer-controlled high-precision three-axis positioning system and a high-power focused ultrasound transducer coupled.
The positioning system enables delivery of focused ultrasound energy to precise locations in soft tissue. The system is designed specifically for research in small to large animal models to investigate ultrasound-tissue interactions, and to evaluate the safety of therapeutic approaches prior to translation into humans. The entire FUS system fits within the bore of a clinical MR or CT scanner for image-guided treatment planning and delivery. The system is completely non-magnetic, enabling it to function within a high-field magnetic resonance imager for image-guided treatment planning and monitoring of ultrasound exposures. In addition, the system is compatible with X-ray CT imaging as well.
Inside every RK-100 is a custom-built and calibrated focused ultrasound transducer capable of exposing millimeter – size volumes of tissue within a subject.
The non-magnetic positioning system can translate the transducer along arbitrary 3D paths during imaging. The delivery of ultrasound exposures is achieved using images acquired with MRI or CT, depending on the configuration of the system. Real-time monitoring of forward and reflected electrical power to the transducer enables consistent delivery of energy during experiments.
The system is capable of delivering exposures ranging from high-power continuous sonications for thermal coagulation of soft tissues, to pulsed sonications suitable for applications such as tissue lysis, drug delivery, or vascular permeabilization. Since the system is designed for research it is designed to be flexible, offering users the capability to design their experiments to suit their needs.