Products » RK-300
The RK-300 is a focused ultrasound system created to be used within small-bore preclinical imaging systems.
This platform is specifically designed for the exposure of small animal models and is particularly suited for blood brain barrier disruption studies.  It includes image-guided targeting software, an integrated computer controlled high precision two-axis positioning system, and a calibrated focused ultrasound transducer.  The RK-300 is the only system in the world capable of performing non-invasive hyperthermia, ablation and blood brain barrier opening within a small bore preclinical imaging system.
  • Calibrated focused ultrasound transducer offered in a range of frequencies from 750kHz to 5MHz fundamental frequency (custom focal lengths are available)
  • 2-axis spatial positioning (20mm travel, 0.25mm precision)
  • Capable of pulsed and continuous ultrasound exposures
  • Image-based treatment planning software
  • Integrated RF surface coil
  • Compatible with bore sizes down to 70mm