MRI-compatible focused ultrasound system for clinical MR scanners


The LP-100 is a versatile focused ultrasound system that operates in a clinical MR scanner. 

Standard Features:

  • Compatible with MRI systems from all major vendors (Phlips, Siemens, GE) at both 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla

  • 3-axis motorized positioning system using non-magnetic piezoceramic motors

  • Calibrated focused ultrasound transducer with optional integrated cavitation detector 

  • Arbitrary function generator for continuous or burst-mode sonications

  • 50 Watt RF amplifier (upgradeable to 100 Watt)

  • Directional RF power meter for monitoring forward and reflected power

  • Penetration panel filter to eliminate RF interference with MRI

  • PC with custom software for treatment planning and monitoring

Additional Options & Customizations

  • Blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening upgrade (includes transducer with integrated hydrophone and high-speed digitizer) 

  • Hyperthermia upgrade (includes focused ultrasound transducer with 3D-printed sector-vortex lens & custom Matlab software for thermometry processing and control)

  • High-power (100W) RF amplifier


Ultrasound Transducers

Precisely calibrated, custom focused ultrasound transducers. Contact us with your specific needs and we would be happy to develop a transducer that meets your research needs.

BBB Opening with FUS

The LP-100 can be used for focal, transient and non-invasive opening of the BBB.

Custom RF coils

Custom-built waterproof receive coils enable high-resolution imaging of target tissue during FUS exposures

Mobile System

A rack-mount cart enables transport of the LP-100 between the MRI and laboratory.

Rugged design

The LP-100 is designed for studies ranging from rodents to large animals making it a versatile platform for FUS research programs.

Stereotactic frame

For brain studies on the LP100, a custom frame is available for repeatable positioning of the skull over the ultrasound transducer

Image-guided targeting

Software enables import of DICOM MR images for image-guided targeting of FUS exposures


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