Two-Photon Microscopy System


The RK-20 is the first commercial platform for combined microscopy and focused ultrasound brain exposures. The system enables simultaneous ultrasound and 2 photon microscopy. Visualize cortical brain regions while they are exposed to characterize bioeffects in real-time. The RK-20 empowers researchers with a new tool to study the brain bioeffects of focused ultrasound. The RK-20 is intended to be integrated into an existing 2-photon microscopy platform.

System configuration:

  • Unique ring-shaped transducer (1.2 MHz) with an optically transparent coverslip for attachment to the skull over a cranial window

  • Arbitrary function generator for continuous or burst-mode sonications

  • 15W RF amplifier

  • Impedance matching electronics

  • Directional RF power meter for monitoring forward and reflected power of burst signals

  • PC, monitor, keyboard

The video below shows leakage of intra-vascular fluorescent dyes after focused ultrasound exposures with circulating microbubbles. 


Ring Transducers

A unique ring transducer with an optically transparent coverslip is mounted to the skull of test subjects, enabling simultaneous ultrasound exposure and microscopy in cortical brain regions.

Precise Targeting

The RK-20 can be used for simultaneous ultrasound and optical microscopy.


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