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Focused Ultrasound Systems


Stereotactic-guided Focused Ultrasound (RK-50)

The RK-50 is a therapeutic ultrasound system designed for laboratory benchtop use. The system was developed in response to feedback from the field for a portable system for researching brain applications of therapeutic ultrasound.

Focused Ultrasound in Small-bore MRI systems (RK-300)

The RK-300 is an MRI-compatible therapeutic ultrasound research platform designed specifically for small-bore MRI systems. The RK-300 is primarily used on Bruker MR scanners ranging from 4.7-9.4T.


MRI-compatible Ultrasound Transducers

FUS Instruments can fabricate ultrasound transducers for HIFU research applications. All transducers are MRI-compatible and come with acoustic calibration. Impedance matching circuits are provided for fundamental and harmonic frequencies based on customer requirements.

Water Degasser

FUS Instruments produces a portable water degasser suitable for use in the laboratory or at the MRI. The system can extract dissolved gases from water efficiently for use in focused ultrasound experiments.

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